The Human Science Lab (HSL) is a global centre for world-leading research on evolutionary, biological and behavioural aspect of human species with a view to enrich human life.

# HSL Human Cognition Project

Evolutionary origins of Human cognitive abilities

This research program at Human Science Lab seeks to yield critical insights on the underlying variables driving the change in human cognitive processes and accompanying genetic adaptation. The research adopts a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating recent advances in evolutionary studies.

# HSL Ergonomics Project

Optimisation of the Physical Spatiality

This research program at Human Science Lab seeks to explore all possible strands that correlates physical spatiality with the human cognitive processes and devise interventions to optimise cognitive responses.

# HSL Leadership Project

The Four-Step Leadership Theory

The Four-Step Leadership Theory is an oucome of the Leadership project at Human Science Lab. The principle states that the leadership achievement of an individual is proportional to the optimal use of four principal components that makes a leader - motivation, planning, energising and executing.

# HSL Human Well-Being Project

Understanding Positive Emotions

This research program at Human Science Lab investigates how material wellbeing and perceptual wellbeing works as relative determinants in conditioning our mind for positive emotions.